Sorry I haven't been posting in here for a while! There hasn't been much unreleased news plus I've been busy with schoolwork!

But I hope you guys like the new website layout/look, decided to give it a change as we've had that one for four months now & it was getting a bit old.
Me & Brandon have some more great stuff coming up on the website soon, including:
- YouTube channel where we can post Britney's unreleased songs, demos etc.
- Section for planned/cancelled albums other than The Original Doll (this includes original abum concepts, Crossroads soundtrack PLUS a supposed Christmas album Britney was going to record!)
- Section for the Gimme More music video & all of it's gossip on the unseen footage plus other unreleased videos such as When Your Eyes Say It etc.
- Much more!


Rumour has it Britney's about to release an album with unreleased songs on it. Apparently it's fanmade (a fan made the cover), however Amazon have listed it as an official release. What do you think? is where Exhalers are planning a DJ party & playing music, including their fave Britney tracks. APPARENTLY someone played Rebellion whilst there (YES, the full version!) They are apparently going to play it again in 10 minutes!
I'm in the DJ room right now so I'll update you! If you want to listen to the song yourself go to & all you have to do is log in through Facebook/Twitter/Google! Simple.
QueenFlopga's day is about to be ruined as a REAL unreleased song just leaked!

Pleasure You (feat. Don Phillip) Listen to it here:

The song was recorded in 2010 for Femme Fatale, & articles from online sources spoke about the song then. This is not officially a duet, Don Phillip's vocals are taken from his song 'Say What'. Britney's real solo version has yet to leak!
Exhale member QueenFlopga claimed he had the full version of Take Off & leaked a snippet. He said if you traded with him he'd leak the full song.
Michelle Bell tweeted the snippet was FAKE however! The 'hit me on time' also seems to be taken from Britney's unreleased song 'Hooked On'.
A member of Exhale managed to find something VERY exciting on! Supposed full lengths of her unreleased songs Take the Bait, Follow Me, SET ME FREE (NEW SONG WE KNOW NOTHING ABOUT), It's Britney Spears Baby! (studio/full length version of song used in dance breaks on BOMT/Crazy 2K Tour), My Big Secret, Sacred & the full version of Secret! (Which CAN confirm My Big Secret & Secret aren't the same song!)
They also found snippets of Wonderland & Can Caper!! This is getting exciting!
TUB readers have the chance to apply to become a moderator (mod) of the site! Becoming a mod will allow them to help me, Isla (site owner), to run the site! It's a perfect opportunity for Britney fans!

There are 3 types of mod's on this site:
ADMINISTRATOR - the best mod in my opinion! Will be allowed full control of the site (along with me) & will be granted access to edit all pages & settings of the website. You WILL have to ask me first though, if you want to edit a page, because I am site owner & may not approve what you want on the site. But usually administrators will be able to work with me & find info for the website & add new ideas to make the website even better!

AUTHOUR - will be a secondary administrator & will be able to only edit pages & make settings to the website that I have chosen. You must have my approval first though. You will NOT be allowed full access, unlike administrators, but will still be able to make site changes.

DASHBOARDERS - your job will be to review stats & manage comments posted on the site!

At the moment, I'm not a pro member, I have to live in US to upgrade & I don't. Administrators will be allowed to help me upgrade to pro, so I am looking for an administrator that lives in the US & can afford pro & will be able to upgrade me to pro membership!

Also, if you want to be a authour or dashboarder you'll need to live in the US & be able to afford pro membership.

All the people that get chosen to be mods will all have to make a weebly account to do this (but you don't have to make your own website to help out)

So here's what I want you to do:
To apply for a mod, go to the contact section of the site & write this in the contact form: your name (only your first name if you want!), age, country (you don't have to say EXACTLY where in the country you live), which job you're applying for & why you would like to be it (no more than 50 words).
I will choose the 5 best to be an adiminstrator, the next 5 best to be authours & the next 3 best to be dashboarders!
I MUST have at least one administrator who lives in the US & can afford pro membership.
Authours & dashboarders MUST live in the US, & afford pro membership.

So get going guys! There is no deadline! I will choose mods over time!
Good luck! :-)
So that mysterious Twitter account @120281_102112 posted a snippet of what was thought to be a song Britney recorded for The Original Doll titled 'Laws of Afflication' 

Turns out the snippet is from a demo performed by Myah Marie, a singer who isn't so well known (YouTube her).

They are now saying that on Saturday, 5PM PST, another snippet/song will be leaked.
Will this be another Myah Marie demo or is this Twitter account for reallll?
What do you think?
Listen to the snippet here (BUT IT'S NOT BRITNEY)